Planning and visualization with Windplanner

Windplanner is a web application for the planning of wind farms and the communication with concerned parties. It allows anyone to view the project from different angles, in photorealistic images. This facilitates the dialogue with project members, landowners, and residents, as they can immediately see what the project really is about. This can be of great benefit in stakeholder engagement, and also the permitting process.

This software is extremely accurate and time-saving, with numerous features. You can visualize a project anywhere in the world, and instantly see the plan in 2D, 3D, and VR. Changing turbine brand is easy, as well as changing hub height, rotor diameter, wind speed and -direction, time of the day, to check out the impact of shade. Windplanner is an online tool, that allows sharing with co-workers and stakeholders.



Scout locations anywhere in the world. View the local environment in Street View or in 3D-view with 3D buildings, trees and existing landmarks like turbines and power lines.



Design your wind energy proposal to suit your needs. Extremely fast & accurate. Adjust turbine properties like hub height and blade diameter. Collaborate in real time with your team members, advisors or suppliers.



Share, consult and liaise with residents, colleagues, authorities and decision makers. Create stunning animations or share in VR; real time and globally.

Amend until you get it right

Upload relevant geographic information such as constraints, ownership, wind speeds. Place turbines in configurations and create alternative layouts. Separate turbines using wake loss criteria, line and grid tools, and distance to residential properties. Easily view and share your results directly in Street View, Cycloramas or your own panoramic photographs. You’ll never miss an angle or viewpoint again, in life-like visualizations.

Try out different settings

Shape your wind turbine in a photorealistic 3D environment. Try out different positions and variables such as day, night, shadow impact and wind direction. Adjust hub height, rotor diameter, turbine type and lighting. And immediately see the visual impact. Check out what it will look like from different viewpoints.

Seeing is believing…

Let all stakeholders experience the visual impact of a future wind turbine; with life-like scale as if it’s already built. Move turbines and let VR-users see your adjustments in real time. To support your story, summon VR-wearers to the Viewpoints you want to discuss. Across the globe and in real time.


Why and when Windplanner?

Windplanner can strengthen and speed up projects in each phase. From early planning to the communication with residents. A few examples:

  • land aquisition
  • onshore tender
  • planning, such as site evaluation and layout comparisons
  • stakeholder engagement and public consultation
  • permit application
  • information events and communication during the construction

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2D map editor

Make informed decisions based on stackable layers from many open & closed GIS-sources (including your own).

3D world viewer

View your proposal in a 3D world. With global coverage of buildings, trees, terrain height. Online, in your web browser.

Panorama Upload

Use your own panoramic images and position them quickly & precise.


Experience your proposal 'as if you are there', with Google Cardboard and Daydream VR-glasses. Share with public or clients.

Turbine Catalogue

Catalogue with many different turbines such as Enercon E141, Vestas V110, Nordex N117 and many more

Layer Import

Import different layers. Supported formats Shapefiles, ARCgis, statem, Xyz, Geojson.

Turbine Editor

Choose a 3D turbine model and specify custom hub height, rotor diameter & lighting.

Share and consult

Share and consult selected Viewpoints with residents, colleagues, authorities & decision makers.

Date & Time

Specify date & time, with corresponding shadows (365-days) and adjustable turbine light frequency & sync.

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Here is what customers say:

We have tested Windplanner extensively, in terms of the ease of use, accuracy as well as security, and we are confident that Windplanner will facilitate our visualizations.
Windplanner is an impressive tool to visualize the wind farm from an investor perspective and easy to work with.
Windplanner is not only a good tool for windfarm design, but also great for making parties understand the plan, with realistic viewpoints as if the project has already been completed. I use Windplanner for the very early planning stage, for the permit stage with the government, and for discussions with residents. I like the animations to show the different viewpoints to the government and residents.
'Windplanner is a great momentum in the work of planning and communication in windprojects in all stages of the development.'
'The planning process increasingly relies on digital communication and on-line consultation. Windplanner improves the public consultation process as it allows people to ‘see what it will look like’. Furthermore, Windplanner has given me an exceptionally powerful design tool to test and evaluate potential landscape and visual effects, which no other software can match.'
'Windplanner is interactive and that is unique. We are not looking at a dot on a map or a single static photograph, we can really walk around the turbines.'
'I work with various stakeholders: initiators, governments and residents. Every stakeholder has specific needs, and Windplanner allows me to use the same tool for all these different aspects. It is not only a helpful design tool but also an excellent presentation tool.'

Christian Wolf

Sales Geodata Manager

Mohan Kumar Thiruvengadam

Technical Services
(Vena Energy Japan)


Project manager
(Woo Ram Co.)

Mark Groen

Strategic Advisor Environment & Place
(Royal HaskoningDHV)

Marc van Grieken

Landscape architect

Rob Rietveld

Director of the Dutch Association for Residents
living near Wind Turbines (NLVOW)

Jimme Zoete

Advisor Urban Planning
and Energy