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We are Windplanner

We visualize future reality

People often experience changes in their living or working environment as negative. No matter how necessary these changes are. A dialogue about these changes is much more effective if it is based on realistic visualisations. We have the ability to show ‘tomorrow’ today.  From 2D or 3D visualizations to interactive journeys through a virtual world. Not distinguishable from reality. Except that it does not yet exist.

Who are we?

Passionate visualizers and software engineers.  That’s us. We are inspired by the opportunities for technology. And we use that for our mission: to accelerate projects with visualizations. Our interactive platform facilitates the communication between stakeholders.

Because: imagination strengthens persuasiveness.
Not only do we believe in this, we know this.

Transparency and co-creation characterize us. With our open platform, we are happy to work with content suppliers and with our customers all over the world.

Windplanner is created by The Imagineers.


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