Free observers for online stakeholders engagement during these difficult Corona times

Free observers

Almost all offline information meetings for involving stakeholders in wind projects have been canceled worldwide. Windplanner would like to contribute during this difficult period. In order to bring people online insight and understanding, Windplanner offers its users an unlimited number of observers during this period for free. With this, stakeholders can view projects virtually on a personal invitation, for example, to compare scenarios or view the situation from the selected viewpoints. Send us a message and we will ensure that the observers are added to your account.

Free observers for online stakeholders engagement during these difficult Corona times

Release notes – April 2020

Release Notes - April 2020

Solar performance

Our development team has worked extensively to increase the performance of the solarmodule, to make sure the loading time of a solarpark is reduced, so you can easily visualize and see the modifications much faster than before.

Custom map layer for one project

It’s now possible to upload a map layer for one specific project, so the map layer won’t appear in the map layer list of any other project. This will increase loading time and you will only see the map layers you need for the specific project

Request high detailed terrain and satellite imagery

More frequently, we have received requests for higher detailed terrain and satellite imagery in some areas. In many countries, we have contact with suppliers from those data. If you have this data for a specific area yourselves and you would like to integrate this, please contact sales.

Legend upload for map layer

From now on, it’s possible to upload a legend for every map layer. This legend will give more information to the map layer you have uploaded.

Feature request

We would like to continue improving Windplanner even more if you have a feature you would like to have in Windplanner, please let us know and we will get in contact with you!

Feature request

Feature request

We create Windplanner for our users. That’s why we would like to hear from you.
Please let us know which feature you would like to see in Windplanner.
In the form below, you can fill in your feature or features request.


Feature request


Release notes January

What's new - January 2019

Never a dull moment in our team! A quick update from our side about new features and services:


It is now possible to generate a higher quality StreetView picture in Windplanner.
You can change the StreetView quality in Windplanner as follows: Edit →Settings →Pro Settings →scroll down to the StreetView quality option.
Please note: A higher quality panorama will cause longer loading time.

Sketch Layer

With the sketch layer, you can draw on the 2D map. You can draw dots, lines or polygons on your 2D map, for example to indicate some important objects, elements, boundaries, etc. in your planning area. See the example in the pictures below.

Improved models and shadows

We have improved the look and feel of all turbine models. In addition to that, we have changed the way turbines receive shadow impact during the course of the day. So now Windplanner shows more realism in day/night simulation.

Satellite imagery

You can choose the optimal satellite layer at your specific location. To change this layer, you go to Layers →World layers → World image layer. 

Bug fixes

  • Day and time settings are now properly saved in viewpoints.
  • Images in KMZ layers will now display correctly.
  • StreetView fallback if there is no panorama found at the set quality level.New – StreetView panoramas have a new tiling method, so you might have experienced some trouble with loading those panoramas. With the new update, you will not experience this issue anymore.


Please take a look at our customer reviews

Find out why our customers use Windplanner during their project development. Get ready to be inspired!
If you are interested in our services, please contact us!

Release notes november

What's new - November 2018

A quick update about new features in Windplanner, and our related services:


Turbine design in Windplanner
We have taken a new step in creating realistic visualizations (and, by the way, we will take a few additional steps in the near future). Now, all turbines in Windplanner have a new, more realistic look and feel. Below, you see the new design on the left and the old design on the right:

New turbines in our catalogue
We continuously add new 3D models to our catalogue. We recently added the following models:
Enercon    E-115/E126/E138 – EP3
Vestas       V136/V150
GE             2.5/3.4
Nordex     N149/N131

Go check them out in the Windplanner application.

To do so, you go to Edit – Turbines  – 3D models – New preset – choose Make & model. And you can see the Enercon EP3 in the animation below:



New feature! Solarplanner is now available

New feature: solar!

Solar in Windplanner

We have introduced a new feature in Windplanner. Wind and sun are a logic combination in energy-transition. So now, it is also possible to plan and visualize your solar park (PV system) in Windplanner. 
Solarplanner - solar field 3D world

Screenshot of a solarfield seen from the 3D world in Windplanner

With the solarplanner you can: 

– Modify your photovoltaic modules, frame settings and spacing between the arrays.
– Change the color of the photovoltaic modules. 
– Check out the reflection of the sun on the photovoltaic modules.
– See the installed capacity in KWp and amount of arrays and solar panels.
– See the plan in 3D (see above) and in a panoramic photo (see below).
Currently, we are developing the following functionalities for solar:
– Mitigating measures 
– Planning in hilly regions

Streetview screenshot of solar and wind visualized with Windplanner

Currently, this feature is in beta. Normal subscription rate for the solar module will be €75 per month. For beta users, there is a discount of 25%.

Virtual solar tour

If you would like a high-quality visualization with mitigating measures or hilly terrain, we can help you too. With our sister company The Imagineers, we can create the visualization for you. Anywhere in the world, with the mitigating measures you require. Here, you can find an example of a virtual solar tour. You can switch between the current and future situation, and see alternative shrubs.

Intersted in solar? Come say hello!

IX Wind represents Windplanner at Energy Taiwan Forum 2018

IX Wind represents Windplanner at Energy Taiwan Forum 2018

Come to visit IX Wind at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 K0829 and find out how IX Wind and Windplanner can help you with their expertise.

During the expo, you can win a one-year subscription for Windplanner.
The Energy Taiwan Forum is from 19 till 21 September in Taipei.

For more information, please contact IX Wind:

+886 2 8729 9193

What’s new in Windplanner

A quick update from our side about new features and services

What’s new in Windplanner

Shapefiles and kmz files import
It is now possible to upload your shape- and kmz files into Windplanner. 
A shapefile usually encloses a minimum of 3 files: vector data (.shp), coordinate data (.prj) and generic data (.dbf). You can import the .zip containing these files, and ensure the right coordinate system is applied.
A kmz file consists of a number of files, often generated from Google Earth. Windplanner will import the information from the files, and this custom layer will appear in the 2D map.

Photo upload service 
If you import a panorama photo, it needs to be georeferenced and calibrated. Also, you sometimes have to mask the surroundings to create the correct display of the turbines. Practice makes perfect, we know. However, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can outsource this action to us. Just deliver us your stitched panorama photo, and we will upload a perfectly calibrated and masked photo into your project. With this service, you will save time and you are 100% sure about the reliability of the photo in Windplanner.

Book your personal demo at Wind Energy Expo Hamburg 2018
We will be exhibiting at WindEnergy Hamburg from 25 – 28 September 2018. You can find us at the Dutch Village, B7.470.02, close to the bar 😉 

Are you interested in getting your personal demonstration? You can schedule your Windplanner demonstration here.