Can we paint it black?

A new interesting question; Can we paint it black?

Yes we can.
But why?

We just got this special question from RWE to visualise current windturbines at the Eemshaven with black roterblades. So they can get a realistic impression of the visual impact of this change.

It seems that black roterblades can reduce the bird fatality rate. Research and tests at the Norwegian isle Smøla showed a 70% reduction. This becomes more important because bird fatalities through collision with moving turbine rotor blades are expected to increase, because windfarms are expanding.

We are happy to contribute with our visualisation expertise to translate this idea in realistic visualisations and make is bird friendly.

So……..Yes we can! Paint it black.

Question to you:
Is birdfriendly(black rotorblade) an option you would like to see in ?

Can we paint it black?