(oud2) Features & Roadmap

Current and Upcoming Features

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Planning Features


Compare different design alternatives of your proposed wind farm, such as location of the turbines, turbine types, number of turbines etc.

Search and Plan by Coordinates

Search and plan with different coordinate systems in Windplanner. Support for Lat-Lon and all other local formats.

2D Map View

On the left screen in Windplanner. On this map you can see the icons of the turbines and the viewpoints. You can add different layers to this 2D map.

3D World View

View turbines in a 3D world. With global coverage of buildings, trees, terrain height, existing & proposed wind turbines.

Layer Import

Import different layers. Supported formats Shapefiles, ARCgis, statem, Xyz, Geojson.

Map Drawing Tools

No GIS layers available to link or import? Simply draw on the 2D map to explain design decisions.

Place turbine options

Place multiple turbines in line and grid.

Turbine Ex- & Importing

Ex- & Import turbine layouts to-and-from different applications (please let us know if your file format is not yet supported).

Hazard map

2D map overlay "Risicokaart", Holland-only.


Draw solar fields with the upcoming Solarplanner-module.

Mitigating measures Q3 2020

Place 3D objects like bushes, fences, trees etc.

Offshore 3D models Currently in beta

Add offshore base to turbines.

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Turbine Catalogue

Catalogue with many different turbines such as Enercon E141, Vestas V150, Nordex N149 and more.

Turbine Editor

Select 3D turbines from the catalogue. Freely adjust hub height, rotor diameter & lighting.

Date & Time

Select date & time, with corresponding shadows (365-days) and adjustable turbine light frequency & sync.

Rotation in tip speed

Tip speed in m/s (increase diameter=decrease rpm).

Turbine lighting

Adjust frequency and light settings.

Wind direction

Easily change the direction of the wind.

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Panorama View

View and analyze the visual impact in spherical panoramas from multiple suppliers like Google Street View, Cyclomedia or from your own photos.

Panorama Upload

Use your own panoramic images and position them quickly & precise.

Camera settings

Adjust the altitude, pitch and angle of view to zoom in or out.

WindSim im- & exporting

Visualize WindSim turbines and layers in Windplanner, and export to WindSim.

Skydetect and manual masking

See example below - Photomontages.

High-detail terrain

Photogrammetry & custom-built 3D terrain (on request).

Turbine Textures

For instance green Enercon base and red-striped wing tips.

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Sharing and Collaboration

Share selected viewpoints with residents, colleagues, authorities & decision makers and collaborate with your colleagues in one workspace.

Image export

Save JPG files in high-resolution.


Show life-like scale with Google Daydream or Cardboard VR-glasses. To public or boardroom. Real Time Remote Control.

Animation Editor

Create your own animation with fly-throughs from different viewpoints (movie file on request).

Social Sharing

Generate a simple, public (or non-public) website with a selection of Viewpoints and Layouts (currently available upon Request)

Social Interaction

Give stakeholders a voice and increase acceptance. Vote on Layouts, answer questions and even moderate group discussions.

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New User Interface

Completely new Editor: faster, responsive, and much easier.

iPad & Android support

Use windplanner with your iPad and/or Android tablet.

Visualisation Aid

In-app support & checklist for creating realistic visuals.

3D head-up display

Turbine & viewpoint locations in 3D.

SkyDetect Masking

Neural Network trained to automatically mask panoramas (turbines are placed in front of clouds but behind objects in photos).

Manual Photo Masking

Quickly create a manual mask in case the automatic SkyDetect is insufficiently accurate.

Turbine Renumbering

Automatic & manual renumbering.

Wind mill in Windplanner


Create photo montages on the fly. Choose one of three options to position the turbine in the surroundings exactly where you want it to be:

  1. SkyDetect: this is a clever algorithm that cuts out the sky from a panorama, automatically creating photomontages that fit most cases.
  2. Manual Masking: with this tool, you can manually adjust the skyline if SkyDetect fails. And, for instance, if you want to position a turbine in front of the mountain but behind the trees.
  3. No mask: in this option, the turbine will be placed in front of all objects.