Get in touch with stakeholders

Get in touch with stakeholders, even at an early stage of the project. Let Windplanner help you find the best spot for your windfarm.

Whatever your plans are for wind energy, you will always have to gain support from stakeholders. Landowners, residents, investors, colleagues… all of them will have a say about your plans.

A dialogue about your ideas is difficult if you only have dots on a map to show. What will that look like in reality? It is much more efficient to show realistic visualizations. They ensure that everyone talks about the same thing. They show precisely what it is going to be like in the future. And thus they clarify, even before significant investments are made.

With Windplanner you can show the impact of several scenarios realtime and photo-realistisc of future #windfarms in the landscape.
Want to know how it works? Have a look.

Windplanner is a product of The Imagineers Holland

Get in touch with stakeholders