Global introduction of Windplanner

Two years in the making.
Pizza boxes stacked to the ceiling.
Launch day was upon us.

But we were ready to show our efforts to the world: the global introduction of on the WindEnergy exhibition in Hamburg.

The hard work leading to this event was extra exciting because Windplanner is a world-first. Reactions could range from boredom to awe. We were mostly confident in what we had to show, but the overwhelming feedback we received was unimagined. We spoke with many enthusiastic future-users, which was a great experience for us all. And this is only the beginning. Since last week, new features have already been Imagined and Engineered. Many more improvements will follow.


We wish to thank everyone for their feedback and their help. Or like the Germans would say: Wir bedanken uns für Ihre Hilfe!

Yours sincerely,

Maarten, Ronald, Ernest, Henk, Marc, Hans, Rafaël, Sarah and Mandy.
And the 20+ Imagineers who made this launch possible.