Premium reseller network

Welcome, MVGLA!

We are very proud and happy to announce that MVGLA will join our Premium Reseller network, focusing on Scotland, England, Ireland and New Zealand.

MVGLA will scout for Windplanner opportunities in this region, and they will be the first point of contact for Windplanner related assistance, such as training, support and photography services.


Marc van Grieken and Ronald de Vries

Marc van Grieken (MVGLA) and Ronald de Vries (Windplanner)


MVGLA have detailed and wide ranging experience in landscape and visual matters surrounding many types of developments including windfarms. MVGLA have been working in this field for over 17 years and have extensive experience with the development process from start to finish – from feasibility and initial studies, through scoping, full landscape and visual impact assessment, to post application support including providing evidence as expert witness to appeals.

Do you want to become a Premium Reseller?

Windplanner is creating an international network of Premium Resellers. Our network now consists of resellers in the Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan. It is a non-exclusive network and we are always on the lookout to expand it!