Innovation top 100

Innovation top 100 – Public award

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce has selected Windplanner to belong to the 100 most innovative companies in The Netherlands!

The expert jury states that renewable energy projects are easier to understand with the innovative visualization techniques of Windplanner. They stated: “Clean energy is the future. Yet a wind or solar park in your immediate area is often difficult to imagine. “Not in my backyard” is a frequently heard response. But is that reasonable? With Windplanner, project developers can plan, visualize and communicate with the environment at an early stage about the effects of a windmill project.”


What can Windplanner do for you?

  • Accelerate your project by engaging stakeholders
  • Show the visual impact of a wind or solar project on its surroundings
  • Create a realistic understanding of your project


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Will you help us win?

The official ranking will be announced on September 25th. In addition to the jury ranking, there is also a public award. Will you give us a hand?

YES! Windplanner, win!


The website for voting is in Dutch, we hope that does not bother you 🙂

  1. Click on the purple bar “Stem op Windplanner”.
  2. Add your name and email address,
  3. Click on the blue bar “Stem uitbrengen”.


You will get an email, click on the green bar “Stem bevestigen” to confirm your vote.


Big thanks from all of us!