‘Windplanner has been a very helpful tool to work with our students during the landscape planning course. We run a workshop and they learned the basics pretty well, having used the software to complete their assignments.’


Miquel García Ovejero

Associate Professor
(King Juan Carlos University)

‘We have tested Windplanner extensively, in terms of the ease of use, accuracy as well as security, and we are confident that Windplanner will facilitate our visualizations.’


Christian Wolf

Sales Geodata Manager

‘The windplanner is an impressive tool to visualize the wind farm from an investor perspective and easy to work with.’


Mohan Kumar Thiruvengadam

Technical Services
(Vena Energy Japan)

‘Windplanner is not only a good tool for windfarm design, but also great for making parties understand the plan, with realistic viewpoints as if the project has already been completed. I use Windplanner for the very early planning stage, for the permit stage with the government, and for discussions with residents. I like the animations to show the different viewpoints to the government and residents.’



Project manager
(Woo Ram Co.)

‘Windplanner shows people what a proposed windfarm will look like in a 3 dimensional environment with real photography and animation which people readily recognise. But not just that: as a landscape architect it has given me an exceptionally powerful design tool which no other software can match.’


Marc van Grieken

Landscape architect

‘Windplanner is a great momentum in the work of planning and communication in windprojects in all stages of the development.’


Mark Groen

Strategic Advisor Environment & Place
(Royal HaskoningDHV)

‘Windplanner enables us as developers to sketch, draw and engineer projects while at the same time visualize the result: a great tool.’


Jorrit Visser

Project developer

‘Windplanner is interactive and that is unique. We are not looking at a dot on a map or a single static photograph, we can really walk around the turbines. We see the correct size of the turbine and we can look at it from different angles and distances. And importantly, residents can move the turbines to create a setup that is acceptable for them. This opens up the discussion with other scenarios than the ‘pre-cooked’ scenarios by authorities or developers.’


Rob Rietveld

Director of the Dutch Association for Residents
living near Wind Turbines

‘I work with various stakeholders: initiators, governments and residents. Every stakeholder has specific needs, and Windplanner allows me to use the same tool for all these different aspects. It is not only a helpful design tool but also an excellent presentation tool.’


Jimme Zoete

Advisor Urban Planning
and Energy