Hooray!! Windplanner V3 is available

Big software update!

What started out as a ‘small project’ to improve the user interface, turned into a total revamp of the software.

End of 2017, we have released an entirely new Windplanner software update. Windplanner V3 represents a step change in the ease of visualization of wind farms. With this update, we introduced an awesome list of improvements: a completely new user interface, new features, sharper images, a learn-mode and a professional-mode, a visualization checklist and many performance improvements. 

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We hope you like it as much as we do!

A bit of history… The original Windplanner V1 was an offline, per-project application which we introduced in 2014. Then, we redesigned it as an online product and launched it as Windplanner V2, late 2016. It is what our customers are using today. We are honored by the positive reception of our online application.

At the same time, we have learned a lot since the introduction of V2. We have talked with many customers, watched their workflow and listened to their feedback.

With V3 we introduced a lot of improvements: you will immediately notice the entirely new user interface. The edit mode guides you step-by-step through the visualization process. And the view mode ensures no one can make accidental changes in the composition of the wind park during presentations. So stakeholders can play around and view the project from any angle they like.

V3 also has sharper images, instant feedback in the manual masking mode, a PDF report of the project and guidance for correct calibration when uploading new panoramic pictures. Just to name a few enhancements!

Version 3 is now available.

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