Visualizations for photovoltaic parks

Smart tools for solar

For solar, we developed two different solutions to strengthen your project communication.

  • 360 degrees solartour
  • solarplanner

Detailed information regarding the differences between the two solutions in this pdf file.

360 degrees solartour

We visualize the impact of solar projects in an online interactive platform. On this platform, anyone involved can view the park from different viewpoints (at street level or elevated level), and see what mitigating actions will be taken. Our process of visualization is super efficient, it reduces time and costs for the initiator and serves as a great asset during negotiations, information events, marketing presentations and pitches. Take a look around in the project below. Click on the photo and look around, or use the menu to switch between the current and future situation. Price indication: as of € 2.500,- Request a quote


Solarplanner is a module within Windplanner. You can plan your solar park and see the impact in 3D and Streetview. You can do this yourself or we can do this for you. Take a look at the features of solarplanner:

  • Do-it-yourself
  • Calculate the number of arrays and panels
  • Calculate the installed capacity
  • Place your solarpark by coordinates or on 2D map
  • Day and night simulation
  • 3D and streetview
  • Solar preset, edit your own 3D model / frame settings

Note: the solarplanner is without mitigating measures and it is not working smoothly in hilly terrain. In that case, ask us to make a solar 360 solartour for you (see above)! The solar module is available at € 75 / month.