Stakeholder Engagement Platform (SEP)

Stakeholder Engagement Platform

Early involvement of stakeholders

The views of stakeholders in planning and development are becoming increasingly important. But how do you reach your target stakeholder group, how do you provide information, and how do you
ensure that a small vocal group does not have the predominant response?

The Stakeholder engagement platform (SEP) allows you to involve local people and other interested parties to have access to development proposals and to exchange information in a straightforward and easy manner. This ensures that people can participate constructively in the development process.

SEP helps to:

  • Engage and involve people with the planning process
  • Simulate changes in the environment, to allow early experience of the change by local people
  • Address and engage new target groups
  • Ensure that dialogue is easily balanced and not hijacked by certain people or groups
  • Get quantitative data on the support level

Example SEP

In this example, you can click on the photo icons to see the visualizations from multiple viewpoints.
This example shows you the possibilities of the tool.



The pricing of SEP including hosting and support starts at:

  • Half year: 787,50 euro
  • One year: 1260 euro

The prices mentioned above are excluding implementation of your project related content. We can give an indication after we have received the content from your side.

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