Turnkey project

Turnkey project in Windplanner

Your windproject in Windplanner

If you do not have the time or need to learn how to use Windplanner, but you do need an accurate visualization of your project, then a turnkey project is a good option for you.

We’ll create the project for you in Windplanner and you – and your stakeholders – can:

  • View the project from all important viewpoints
  • Compare different layouts
  • Check out the impact of time and wind direction on shadow
  • Request us to make high quality renders or video animations

Price of a basic project is €1650, which includes 15 viewpoints from Google StreetView. If you want more viewpoints, of if you want custom uploaded photos, please check out our pricelist.

What data is needed from you? 

  • Location coordinates for the turbines of your project
  • Brand and dimensions of the turbines you like to place (hub height, rotor diameter, light settings)
  • Alternative layouts you like to compare
  • Coordinates of viewpoints



You can fill in the information below and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your needs in terms of project and timing. And we will go ahead visualize the project for you!

  • Contact details

  • Project details

  • Turbine details

  • Turbine coordinates

  • Please choose a file containing the turbine coordinates
  • Viewpoint coordinates

  • Price turn-key

  • Price: 1.800,00 €
    This option includes 25 viewpoints
  • Additional viewpoints

  • Price: 50,00 € Quantity:
    If you would like more than 15 viewpoints, you have the option to add additional viewpoints to your project.
  • Unlimited access

  • Total price

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