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Virtual Consultation Room

Take a look in our own Virtual Consultation Room

Involving relevant stakeholders is very important to prevent your project from being delayed. This can be local residents, but also entrepreneurs or environmental organisations. If you only use traditional means of communication, it can be difficult to properly inform stakeholders. For example, you do not reach every target group or stakeholders drop out because the content is too boring or complicated.

The Virtual Consultation Room  is the perfect complement to traditional communication methods. By means of 360-degree photography and visualisations, the visitor sees an extremely realistic representation of the changes in the (living) environment. In addition to this visual representation of reality, other information (such as studies, reports and reports) is presented in an attractive manner. Question/answer modules enable direct communication with stakeholders. Because the platform can be visited 24/7 and from any device, it is an accessible way for stakeholders to obtain information. Even if physical meetings cannot take place due to a lockdown.

Why the Virtual Consultation Room is the solution for you:

  • Promotes the participation process by involving stakeholders in your project in a realistic, transparent and inspiring way
  • Acts as a library where all documentation about the project is collected in one place
  • Promotes interaction with stakeholders through question/answer modules
  • Available for a broad target group due to 24/7 availability
  • Is online within one day and is easy to manage yourself

Take a look in our own Virtual Consultation Room


Ready to take your stakeholders digitally?

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