Combine the physical with the digital

Virtual Consultation Room

Get in touch with your residents digitally 

In today’s time, physical gatherings are uncertain: can you hold them or not? And who can attend? What do you do with vulnerable groups? You do not want those involved to drop out of important future environmental changes due to corona, so that you cannot meet each other physically. You want to involve and inform as many stakeholders as possible in this process, not excluding anyone and of course no delay in your participation process

Within a day your participation process is assured by an optimal online experience of future environmental changes.

The Online Visitor Center is online within a day and you can store all information about your project in it. A realistic representation is recognizable for people, easy to understand and invites to participate.

And that speeds up your project.

Why the Virtual Consultation Room is the solution for you:

  • It is additional and can be used as a replacement for the physical information evening.
  • Guaranteed and broad citizen participation regardless of lockdowns or restrictions.
  • A realistic simple image is recognizable for people, easy to understand and invites to participate.
  • The interaction by means of question & answer and this is recorded.
  • The information is available 24/7, long-term, can be linked to social media to increase visibility and can be adjusted during the entire participation process.

" The 3D environment of the Online Visitor Center remains fascinating. I remember looking around much longer than on a (static) website."

Wim Tjaberinga Keijzer Communicatie

Ready to take your stakeholders digitally?

Ernest is happy to take you through the possibilities of the Virtual Consultation Room.