Virtual Consultation Room [OLD]

Virtual Consultation Room

A new way to engage with your stakeholders

The Virtual Consultation Room (VCR) is an online room. In this room, you have the possibility to share all project related information with your stakeholders. We have designed multiple rooms, so you can choose a design and we can put your project information in this room. Stakeholders can see the project information and can also give a comment or ask a question.

With the VCR you can reach a wider target group because it is easy participation for stakeholders. You can visit the room at any time or place you would like and breaks down barriers that might hamper inclusion. Young people are also more used to gain their information online instead of offline.

In most cases, we can deliver your VCR within three weeks.

Benefit of the Virtual Consultation Room

  • As mentioned above you can reach a wider target group.
  • Attractive 3D environment, so stakeholders are more curious to click on every feature or object.
  • An alternative during lockdowns.
  • One place where stakeholders can find all project information.

Example Virtual Consultation Room

In this example, you can find all project related information such as visualisations, noise and shadow simulations and lay-out.



We have three pricing plans including hosting for the different time periods:

  • Quarter of a year: 750 euro
  • Half year: 1350 euro
  • One year: 1950 euro

Implementation hours for the Virtual Consultation Room for content, support and project management:

  •  10 hours (5% discount) 950 euro
  •  20 hours (7,5% discount) 1.850 euro
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