Increase the chance of success of your wind park

New partnership!

Bildng and Windplanner will work together to make the “Windkansenkaart” (Map for wind opportunities) available for the Dutch market. The Windkansenkaart, created by Bildng, shows the suitability of a location for windmills. 

Based on all existing wind turbines larger than 2MW in the Netherlands, Bildng has investigated which factors are present at the locations where a turbine is realized. With the help of big data analysis, Bildng created a prediction model and a visual representation of it: the Windkansenkaart.

The Windkansenkaart is exclusively accessible in combination with a subscription to Windplanner.

Charles Smeets and Ronald de Vries

Charles Smeets (Bildng) and Ronald de Vries (The Imagineers | Windplanner)