WindSim and Windplanner

The WindSim and Windplanner software systems integrate smoothly, thus creating synergy for their customers.

WindSim for the energy yield calculations. Windplanner for the planning and the visual impact. An excellent combination for a successful wind project.

About WindSim

WindSim is a tool to design highly profitable wind farms. Using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) WindSim establishes highly detailed wind resource maps; it makes advanced simulations of local wind fields, and it calculates wind power forecasts. It helps to optimize park layouts by identifying turbine locations with the highest wind speeds — but with low turbulence — to maximize production. More info

About Windplanner

Windplanner is an online tool to plan a wind project in the pre-feasibility phase, to present to residents and other stakeholders, and to understand the visual impact from the environmental perspective. You can compare alternative park layouts and view the project from any angle, in photorealistic images.

Exchange of data and GIS layers

Working with both software tools entails the easy import of turbine locations and dimensions. Also, Windplanner can import the high-quality WindSim result layers, such as the Wind Resource Map.

Windplanner in short:


Scout locations anywhere in the world. Upload relevant geographic information such as WindSim resource map, constraints, ownership, to help you scout the best location.

Design and sketching

Design your wind energy proposal to suit your needs. Place turbines in configurations, create alternative layouts. Import or export your turbine list from and to WindSim. Separate turbines using wake loss criteria, line and grid tools, and distance to residential properties.


Adjust turbine properties like hub height and blade diameter. Change date, time and wind direction and see the impact of shade real time.

Visual impact

View the local environment from any angle you like. In 3D-view with buildings, trees and existing landmarks like turbines and power lines. Or in panoramic photos such as StreetView

Collaborate and share

Collaborate in real time with your team members, advisors or suppliers. And share, consult and liaise with residents, colleagues, authorities and decision makers. They too can view the project from any angle they like.

Animations and VR

Create stunning animations or share in VR and experience the visual impact of a future wind turbine; with life-like scale as if it’s already built.

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