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Plan and visualize yourself

With a subscription, you can for instance:

  • Upload relevant geographic information such as constraints, ownership, wind speeds
  • Place turbines and solar panels in configurations and compare alternative layouts
  • Adjust brand, hub height, rotor diameter, and lighting, or solar panel dimensions
  • View the project from any viewpoint you like
  • Create high quality renders of the viewpoints
  • Check out the impact of time and wind direction on shadow
  • Create a video animation of the viewpoints
  • Invite team members, project members or observers to cooperate with you

The price of a basic year subscription is € 150 / month. This is for 1 user, who can create 3 projects and invite 3 observers.  You can add modules pending on your needs.

Spherical panorama upload

Spherical panorama upload

If you would like to use other photos than the standardly available Streetview photos, you need this module. With this module, you can upload your own, or custom-made, photos.

€ 75 / month

Cyclomedia panoramas

Cyclomedia panoramas

Cyclomedia is an alternative to Google Streetview, with high-quality panoramas. If you want to upload photos from your Cyclomedia account, you need to add this module to your basic subscription.

€ 75 / month

Solarplanner module

Solarplanner module

If you want to plan and visualize solar parks, you need this module.
€ 75 / month

Team members

If you want to cooperate with a team on projects, you can add team members. A team member can view and edit all your projects at any time.

1 team member: € 75 / month

Project members

If you want to cooperate with a team on a certain project, you can add project members. A project member can view and edit one specific project at any time.

1 project member: € 25 / month


If you want to share your project with others, you can add observers. An observer can view one specific project, but cannot edit it.

10 observers: € 75 / month

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