Release notes

What's new in Windplanner

Windplanner 2.15.0

July 4, 2023

Welcome to the latest snapshot of Windplanner’s release notes! For our US customers, we wish you a happy Independence Day. This week, we are excited to introduce several new functionalities in Windplanner.


  • Combine SkyDetect with manual masking

Now you can enhance the results of SkyDetect, our self-developed AI that integrates self-positioned objects with panoramas, by using manual masking. Fine-tune the positioning of objects by removing parts of the panorama or using the drawing tool to adjust their placement. This feature enables you to generate and create future scenarios quickly and efficiently, ensuring a more immersive experience for your stakeholders.


  • Different solar panel styles

You can now customize the appearance of solar panels, including their color, line thickness, and the application of textures. Tailor the visual representation of solar panels to meet your specific needs.

  • Worldfog

Experience realistic dusk settings in your virtual environment, adding an extra layer of immersion to your projects.


  • Fixed an issue where markers were not consistently loaded when starting a project.
  • Resolved elevation data reset upon project return.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of solar parks.
  • KMZ layers now accurately incorporate orientation values.
  • Addressed the inability to move solar parks within the environment.

We hope you enjoy these new features and bug fixes. As always, we appreciate your feedback and are committed to continuously improving Windplanner.

Windplanner 2.14.0

May 11, 2023


  • Lineplanner

We are super excited to announce that Windplanner has a new addition to its range: Lineplanner.

The tool to plan the energy grid on the map & in 3D and visualize it in every conceivable 360-degree panorama. Take your stakeholders into possible situations and setups and immediately show them the impact.


  • Noise impact and Shadow flicker simulations

Besides the fact that we are very proud of the fact that we have released Lineplanner, we already have our sights set on our next adventure.

The past few months we have been busy with a functionality that makes it possible to simulate shadowflicker and noise impact.

This functionality is now being tested intensively by experts. To be continued…..


  • Decide the gap between solarfields

Determine the space between the east-west arrangement of a solar park

  • Flanders (Belgium) Height data

Windplanner features the most up-to-date DHM-Flanders 1M available.

      • Cesium Updated

      Windplanner’s 3D environment CesiumJS is now running on version 1.103 and therefore has new functionalities, such as improved move settings and rendering options.


      • Turbines were placed before the height data was loaded
      • Earth jumped when starting a project
      • Missing translations
      • Move points of a solar park could no longer be moved
      • The move tool no longer worked in the 3D world
      • Deleting a duplicated layout did not remove the objects in that layout

      Windplanner 2.13.0

      March 20, 2023

      It’s been a while, but we’re back with lots of new features and improvements to existing features.


      • Panorama Masking

      We have improved our panorama masking technique so that leaves and twigs are no longer a match. Each object is now placed seamlessly behind the panorama.

      • Solarplanner

      You can now customize the color and texture of the solar panels

      • Dutch Height data

      Windplanner features the most up-to-date AHN4 data available.

        • Better labels

        When hovering over an object, the detailed and minimal views now provide more valuable information.


        • Object Planner has been out of its BETA phase since January 1. We want to thank you for all the valuable feedback we received.


        • Password reset wouldn’t send a re-activation mail
        • In the list of team members you could see a maximum of five members.
        • Objects in the 3D world sporadically disappeared as soon as you deleted a custom layout.

        Windplanner 2.12.5

        December 8, 2022


        • Finnish coordinate system

        We’ve added ETRS89 / TM35FIN(E,N) also know as EPSG:3067 to our collection or coordinate systems. 


        • Making a multi-project customer layer project-specific would not show the intended behaviour
        • Deleting a layout with Objects in them from Objectplanner would not result in deleted Objects
        • Sketch layer pen-tool would require you to click it twice before you can draw on the map
        • Altering the altitude inside a panorama would result in a crash
        • Objectpreview in the 3D-world did not show up
        • Password reset dropdown menu would not work
        • Enabling and disabling a project-specific custom layer would make it multi-project

        Windplanner 2.12.4

        October 25, 2022


        • Auto-reconnect

        Windplanner auto-disconnects whenever it’s open in a different tab and not being used. Now it will reconnect whenever you enter Windplanner.

        • Download a PDF-report

        Want to showcase all the different viewpoints in your Windplanner project? Simply use our new PDF downloader. This will list all your viewpoints with a panorama, map location and more useful details.


        • Zooming in too much resulted in clipping through the floor

        Windplanner 2.12.3

        September 26, 2022


        • Icon size-change based on zoom height

        Icons in 2D and 3D will change size depending on zoom height to declutter the UI. You can adjust the zoom height in Settings > Marker labels.


        • Renamed the place tools for a more uniform approach
        • Opacity slider for sketch layers would not make polygons fully transparent
        • Objects were susceptible to hovering above the ground

        Windplanner 2.12.2

        September 12, 2022


        • Facelift Dashboard

        Windplanner Dashboard has received an anticipated facelift. The lay-out has been reorganized and the sidemenubar has been modernized and stripped of redundancies.

        Windplanner 2.12.1

        August 22, 2022


        • Objectplanner in BETA

        We are happy to announce our newest addition to the Windplanner family, Objectplanner.

        With Objectplanner you can implement different types of 3D models into your projects to enhance your story. Place a herd of sheep, or a shore of trees to better visualize the impact of some of your projects. 

        Objectplanner is currently in BETA, meaning it’s open for anyone with a Windplanner license to play around with. We are looking for your feedback, more info in Windplanner!


        • Object hover label

        Switch between none, minimal and detailed info to suit your windplanning needs

        • Turbulence radius turbines

        The radius shall now change depending on the blade diameter and you can now switch between full-size and half-size radius. 


        • Layer list would glitch whenever ‘sort by opacity’ was disabled
        • Custom layers could not be made project specific

        Windplanner 2.11.20

        July 11, 2022


        • Multisampling anti-aliasing in 3D-world

        Display objects with greater detail in the 3D-world with the newly added feature MSAA. Find the toggle in Settings > Performance and select in what capacity you’d like to enhance your image.

        • Object info on hover

        Hover over objects and see more information about set object, for instance the height, width and name.


        • 3D-world randomly crash with array-error
        • Changing 3D-model of a preset rapidly would result in model not loading